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Hello there, dumplings and spring rolls! ❤ I’m Yasuhiro Mochizuki or Mchi, a twenty-something year old STEM student, mixed-genre blogger, and (occasional) freelancer. I’m a chronic user of noms de plume and find myself enjoying them far too much. I have an absolute addition to drinking tea, eating good food & being a tastetester, superheroes (Iron Man, The Hulk, Black Panther, and Hawkeye in particular), and reading Young Adult novels. I also happen to have an incredible addiction to black eyeliners and gorgeous matte lip colours. I currently pretend to write pretty things about daily life, books, film/television, music, and more over at mchiouji* and am currently in the process of creating both a book bloggers & anime lovers directories. I frequently patrol and chat on Twitter and am an active—and proud—member of #TeacupClub, #afilmclub and #BloggersTribe member.
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